4 Iloilo MVPinians snatch medals in 4th Lents beach poomsae


The Iloilo Mark V. Pinggol (MVP) Taekwondo Gym sustained its menacing forms in the international arena after harvesting medals in the 4th Lents Taekwondo Worldwide Sports Online Poomsae Open 2021 over the weekend.

Leon, Iloilo-native Joshua Cachero fulfilled his unfinished business after snatching two gold medals. First in the Individual Male Blackbelt Under 30. He defeated Mexico’s Zaid Cornejo, Saudi Arabia’s Abdullah Alabyadh, and Greece’s Dimitrios Alepliotis to top the podium.

Cachero was unstoppable also in the second game with a gold medal finish in the Mixed Pair Blackbelt Over 17 category along with partner Jilyn Rose Yap.

"Winning two gold medals wasn’t easy. I had to work hard everyday to prepare myself for the competition. Tiring trainings, patience and perseverance made me reach my goal. Earning a medal is hard because of my talented opponents, and they worked as hard as me. But at the end of the day, the support from my family and friends, my MVP family, my coaches, and especially the University of San Agustin made me a champion. May this competition be a way to more opportunities and be serve as a stepping stone to be a part of the Philippine National Team someday," explained Cachero.

The duo displayed impressive forms and rhythms to win the gold at the expense of Spain’s Shin Seung and Begona Veiga, Mexico’s Juan Flores and Ana Espinosa, and Norway’s Trinh Nguyena and Anette Nilsen.

According to Yap, it was very fulfilling because their hard work indeed paid off.

"We did have a lot of struggles in snatching this gold medal. I and Josh need to wake up earlier than the usual time we do, then go to the beach together and practice. After that, we still need to catch up with our online classes and comply with our requirements. Our schedule was very hectic, but of course, since we are a pair, we need to find time wherein each other is available," she added.

The achiever from University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV) also looks forward to progress and hopefully to have more competitions and medals ahead.

"I also hope that we will be able to enter into a good university in college. Our target actually is to play in the UAAP and to carry not just the name of our school, but at the same time, the pride of being a MVPinian. Hopefully, that day will come," she shared.

On the other hand, Niesha Kariz Pequierda also wowed the crowd after a silver medal feat in the Cadet Female Blackbelt category. For her, she felt the sense of relief that her hard work paid off and was able to win a medal especially in an international competition.

"I was able to take a step forward to my progress of being a taekwondo athlete. The medal that I received is a motivation for me to continue what the spirit of an athlete is; to reach my highest peak. By having a positive mindset and aiming high, I am looking forward into participating and winning other international competitions in order to grow my skills in taekwondo," Pequierda added.

Shanen Anica Feranco completed the celebration of Iloilo MVP as she garnered a bronze medal in the 1st KUP Female Under 17category.

"When I first started out training for this international competition, I was anxious but I just thought to myself whatever happens, it happens and there's no going back. Win or lose this is a challenge that could bring out the best in me and can help me become better. I can use it as a stepping stone to become greater and better. Now I found out that I was able to get a bronze medal, which made me very happy and grateful for all those trainings and my time spent well. I thank all my coaches and jins and also my parents for the support and help.

For Anica's mom Ging, she said parents are the greatest fans of their children, and being one, she feel so proud and full of happiness. "Though Anica started her Taekwondo life in her mid teen years already, determination, focus, and dedication made her what she is now. We are always here to support her in ways we can," she added.

Coach Pinggol, was also happy with the results of the competition, giving credits to the coaches, parents, and the Almighty God for the blessing they've received.

"We, the coaches, are very happy with the results. We will share this victory to our fellow Ilonggos. It's very challenging sa part namon since shorter ang preparation and taping. Short ang training but we are blessed to manage and win the matches. It's always our pride and confidence, knowing this time, we are not representing Iloilo and the region, but our beloved country in one of the prestigious international events. We will bring back all the glory to God kay without Him indi ni namon malab-ot," Pinggol disclosed.IMT



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