Monday, October 3, 2022
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    [OPINION] Predators have exploited regulation blind spots, but they are scot-free

    The Dept. of Trade and Industry have declared a nationwide freeze on prices of basic commodities last March, slightly ahead of the declaration of a nationwide Enhanced Community Quarantine because of the novel coronavirus. Opinion

    [OPINION] Mayor who knows how to accept error

    A good leader knows how to acknowledge a mistake and is not ashamed to admit it. Opinion

    [OPINION] Everybody hurts is what post-Covid Dutertenomics is all about

    Neo-liberal economist Ernesto Pernia has resigned from his post as socio-economic planning secretary of the Duterte administration because of manifested differences in economic philosophy between him and other members of the cabinet who formed the Inter-Agency Task Force for Covid-19 crisis. Opinion

    [OPINION] Universal Amelioration, is anybody there?

    Inclusion is such a lonely word. It used to be a buzzword in government and in the development sector, but it abruptly became archaic. Covid-19 summoned back social segregation as a method of defining subsidy distribution. Opinion

    [OPINION] The economy is diving down and gov’t is “alarmingly prepared”

    While the COVID-19 trajectory is approaching the tipping point; the economy is moving on an opposite direction – diving down deeper to rock bottom in just 1.5 months. It is only now that I appreciated the usefulness of graphical curves. Yet I cannot show it here. Opinion

    [OPINION] The recovery conversation is gaining traction

    Last week, we called for Ilonggo businesses to start the recovery conversation if we wish to cushion the economic impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic. We are happy to report that that call did not fall on deaf ears and many of our friends have reached out and signified their interest to join that conversation. That is the Ilonggo spirit! Opinion

    [OPINION] Why do we need to start talking about post COVID-19 recovery plan now?

    We call ourselves the Wakanda of the Philippines for being self-sustaining amidst all the challenges brought about by COVID-19. This is not far from truth and we laud the Ilonggo spirit of dagyaw working in all the efforts poured by different sectors of our community – from the local government, businesses, down to civic-minded individuals. We Ilonggos believe that when we fight together, we will win this battle against the deadly virus stronger. Opinion

    [OPINION] COVID-19 Advisories in Schools and in Communities

    Coronavirus prevention, control and mitigation in schools and in communities is a national concern. Enhanced community quarantine was extended in Luzon to April 30, 2020. In other regions outside of the NCR local government units have the discretion to suspend classes within its respective jurisdiction provided that, measures and arrangements are in place for the students to comply with their class requirements. All higher education institutions (HEIs) must work and coordinate with their local governments if they need to suspend classes, adjust their semesters or cancel other events within their universities and colleges. Opinion

    [OPINION] Treñas may be ready to become president

    THE true test of a good leader is shown by how he handles a big crisis, how he leads his people, how he absorbs their pain, how he finds a solution to shield them from imminent danger, and how far can he go to lift them from despondency. Opinion

    [OPINION] Reality bites and the extended ECQ

    The pressure is on to ease the protracted restriction brought about by the 30-day nationwide Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). Behind closed doors over the weekend, an intense discussion raged among inter-agency officials, Duterte’s economic team, legislators, local chief executives, and epidemiology experts. Opinion