Monday, October 3, 2022
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    [EDITORIAL] Is it enough?

    Is the Philippine government implementing the right approach in resolving and managing the spread of the new coronavirus in the country? Opinion

    [OPINION] Award-winning actor a protégé of ex-Iloilo broadcast exec

    BEFORE he received an award for his role in “Tinubdan”, an independent drama film directed by Ricky Dumapit in the International Film Festival Manhattan on October 19, 2019, I met award-winning Filipino actor Leon Miguel at New York City’s Pennsylvania Station. Opinion

    [EDITORIAL] Death is on the horizon

    As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Philippines increases, we are faced with a rise in numbers more fatal than the disease, the figures of social media experts who act like they know everything about the virus. As they say, little knowledge is dangerous and it’s creating panic among communities. Opinion

    [OPINION[ We are just starting to panic

    THE news and level of panic we heard in the Philippines, as well as the rest of Asia two months ago, are just starting in the United States in March. Opinion

    [EDITORIAL[ Losing end

    While it is categorically right to say that the management and the personnel are far different by definition, in the context of a sensitive industry like the power industry allowing just the personnel to operate a power plant without the management is not only stupid but is reflective of the mindset of the one making the suggestion. Opinion

    [OPINION] ‘Exorcism’: PECO’s body, MORE Power’s soul

    MORE Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power) is like a soul without a body. Opinion

    [EDITORIAL] Apology accepted

    President Rodrigo Duterte has immediately accepted the public apology of television network ABS-CBN made during the hearing of the Senate Committee on Public Utilities relative to the renewal of its broadcast franchise. Opinion

    [OPINION] PNP reg’l directors aren’t supermen

    NO Philippine National Police (PNP) chief in the history has succeeded in totally eliminating illegal gambling operations in the country. Opinion

    [OPINION] Quality of senators in ABS-CBN hearing

    I’m ashamed of the quality of senators participating in the Senate hearing on ABS-CBN compliance with franchise terms and conditions. Opinion

    [OPINION] On love, marriage and divorce

    The romanticism of love in Valentine’s month. An array of red roses and other bright colorful flowers. Romantic songs. A lover’s note. Chocolates and other sweetmeats. Some kisses too. Opinion