Saturday, August 20, 2022
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    Adopt tobacco harm reduction strategies to reduce smoking prevalence - experts

    Researchers and policy experts said tobacco harm reduction (THR) strategy is a very good example of how to reduce tobacco prevalence, and urged Asian countries to follow the path of Japan, New Zealand, and the UK in dealing with the smoking epidemic. Others

    Public health gains from investment in non-combustible alternatives

    Public health will reap benefits from business investments in harm reduction or non-combustible alternatives (NCAs) to cigarettes, according to a UK-based fund manager. Others

    Non-combustible nicotine delivery technology seen to save up to 4 million smokers

    A global health expert said the transformation of the tobacco industry and the rise of non-combustible alternatives to cigarette offer an opportunity to save up to 4 million smokers annually. Others

    PMFTC ramps up transformation, rolls out IQOS e-commerce nationwide

    Following the announcement of PMFTC Inc., the local affiliate of Philip Morris International (PMI), to deliver a smoke-free future, the company is scaling-up the accessibility of its flagship non-combustible product, IQOS, for Filipino adult smokers 21 years old and above who would otherwise continue to smoke, through the nationwide expansion of its e-commerce distribution. Others

    Doctor says vape and heated tobacco products are viable solutions to smoking problem

    Non-combustible alternatives like vapes and heated tobacco products (HTPs) are practical solutions to cigarette smoking epidemic, the world’s leading cause of preventable death and diseases, said a respected family doctor and tobacco harm reduction (THR) advocate. Others

    Heated tobacco products reduce cigarette sales

    The introduction of heated tobacco products (HTPs), considered a harm reduction approach, has reduced cigarette sales in Japan by 30 percent in a span of three to four years. Others

    Wrong info deters smokers from switching to better alternatives

    Advocates of tobacco harm reduction (THR) urged adult smokers to discern the science behind non-combustible alternatives as misleading and false information may push them away from switching to better nicotine alternatives like vapes and heated tobacco products (HTPs). Others

    Smoke, not nicotine, causes deaths – health expert

    Inhalation of smoke, not nicotine, is the culprit that causes smoking related deaths and diseases according to a Canadian health expert. Others