COVID-19 pandemic shuts down 67 private schools in Western Visayas


The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has closed 67 private schools in Western Visayas, according to the Department of Education (DepEd- 6).

Sixty-one of these schools temporarily closed and six decided to permanently shut down this year, data from DepEd-6 showed.

Since last year, a total of 20 private schools have opted to permanently stop their operations.

The region’s education department attributed the closure of the private schools to low enrolment as many learners transferred to public schools.

"Ang economic status sang mga parents nga naapektuhan sang pandemic. Since gamay ang income sang parents, nangin gamay man ang enrolment sa private,” DepEd-6 information officer Hernani Escullar Jr.said in an interview on IMT Conversations.

“The reason nga ang iban nagtemporary close and ang iban permanente gid tungod sa gamay ang ila enrolment for this school year. Ang iban nga parents nadulaan obra so nag-opt sila nga isaylo sa public schools," he continued.

Meanwhile, DepEd-6 has recorded 141,270 enrolees in private schools for School Year (SY) 2021-2022 as of Sept. 18, lower compared to 193,063 in the previous SY.

In public schools, DepEd-6 has registered an enrolment of 2,069,410 learners, exceeding last year’s 2.1 million.

All in all, 2,212,465 learners, including 1,785 in state universities and colleges, have so far enrolled in the region.

Escullar said they are expecting the number of enrolees to increase by Sept. 30.IMT



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