How to enjoy the new Boracay?


I’m pretty much sure that while you are reading this article, you are already thinking of the white sand beach, beautiful sunset, the happy hour by the beach, and a relaxing vacation in Boracay.

Now that this world-renowned island is open for local tourists with minimum health requirements which include your Vaccination Certificate, Boracay is once again coming back to life with new offerings and better experience to every visitor.

More than its famous white sand beaches, nightly parties, and water sports and adventures, Boracay is now also being positioned to be a destination where you can enjoy work, vacation and wellness all at the same time.

In fact, the Department of Tourism Western Visayas is now set to launch new tourism products that will give local tourists a different Boracay experience. To give you an idea on what to include on your new Boracay bucket list on your next visit, here are the top 3 activities that you can do on the island.

Pedal your way around the island

Are you a cycling enthusiast? Then you don’t have to worry about doing your usual routine even if you are on vacation mode as you can also do it in Boracay.

With the new Bike Tour Program of DOT-VI, tourists will get the chance to see the different beaches, landmarks, and unexplored spots around Boracay as it will serve as its pit stops. If you want to see the whole island aside from the usual front beach, this activity is perfect for you.

You can choose from two rides – the easy and hard. The easy ride will consist of a route which is designed for those who want to have a leisure kind of biking activity. Meanwhile, the Hard Ride will have multiple stops to the different beaches and landmarks found in Boracay and is perfect for the riders who are looking for an adrenaline adventure.

There are bike shops on the island where you can rent a bike or you may also bring your own if you can. Local guides who are members of the bike associations in Boracay are also available to assist you on the routes that you want to take.

Taste the Best of Boracay thru Food Crawl

Food plays a huge part in the experience of every tourist. Being an international destination, Boracay offers a diverse food offering ranging from local cuisines to specialties of other countries to satisfy every taste bud.

With the new Boracay Food Crawl Program that DOT-VI is launching, tourists will have a more planned gastronomic experience in the island.

A deconstructed menu will be offered wherein you can enjoy the different specialties of every restaurant in different meals. There’s no need for you to think where and what to eat because it’s already planned out for you. You can have breakfast at your hotel, lunch by the beach, afternoon coffee in a homegrown café, and dinner in a fine dining restaurant.

You can choose from options for healthy eats, homegrown restaurants, and Asian and International Cuisines to complete the gastronomic experience that suits your diet.

Work while having a vacation

Are you working from home? Why not try working from the island. With this new work setup, you can have the chance to have a vacation at the same time working over deadlines.

Yes, you can work hard and have a relaxing vacation in Boracay at the same time. Being projected as the new “office space”, establishments in Boracay now offer packages for long stays and are now equipped with the essentials for you to stay productive even on vacation.

Aside from being a place for workation, Boracay is also a Wellness Retreat destination where you can have different wellness activities to keep the balance between work and play. It is very important these days that we maintain our health by doing wellness activities such as massage, yoga, and sound healing, among others.

There are already a number of establishments and wellness instructors available in the island that offer these wellness activities. All you have to do is to choose what wellness activity you want to do to balance your well-being and maintain your mental and physical health while having your workation on the island.

A new and better Boracay is now waiting for you. With these new activities that offer different kinds of experience, you will surely love Boracay. It’s no longer just an island where you can find the best sunset and have never-ending parties. It is now also a destination where you can work, play, and stay well – a perfect formula for relaxation and ultimate vacation goal after being locked down.

Are you now ready for a different Boracay adventure? Raymart Escopel/Metro Juanderer



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