MVP jins win 36 medals in nat'l speed kicking tilt


Taekwondo jins from Iloilo Mark V. Pinggol (MVP) gym maintained their formidable appearance in the national arena as they salvaged 36 medals in the 2020 Smart/MVP Sports Foundation Online National Taekwondo Age-Group Speed Kicking Championships over the weekend. 

Of the total harvested medals, the team collected 14 gold, nine silver, and 13 bronze medals in the national tournament competed by hundreds of jins across the country. 

The Denmark Pinggol-mentored players is happy for the turnout of the tournament as all their hardworks paid off. 

In the free kicking event, gold medalists were received by James Annrhey Pecayco, Maria Beatriz Santos, Andria Margaret Palabrica, Marielle Faye Lagamo, Ianna Gabriella Rosales, and Cecil Angeli Rentoy. 

For Palabrica, the victory was one of the best rewards as she made her parents and family proud. 

"I owe it to God and my coaches. I really feel happy, excited and grateful. I just had fun during the taping and gave my best. As Sir Mark and Mommy always say, you only lose if you quit. So I never give up, I will continue to learn. Winners win because they don't stop trying," she added. 

Phil Caleb Regalado, Athena Agramon, Charee Marie Florence Gencela, Chrystelle Eine Siangco, Adrian Joseph Gajasan III, and Lindsy Lorraine Degayo finished with silver medals; while Sirhc Einreb Damaolao, Mickael Wynn Cerbo, Christian Pudadera, Kate Sheevanie Santocildes, Sheine Nicole De Asis, Ma. Glaiza Fae Cordero, and Anthony Benedict Planta settled for bronze medals. 

In the kickpad kicking event, gold medalists were Sophia Marie Bautista, Charee Marie Florence Genecela, Chrystelle Eine Siangco, Anthony Benedict Planta, Sirhc Einreb Damaolao, Lindsy Lorraine Degayo, Andria Margaret Palabrica, and Christian Pudadera. 

Silver finishers are Ianna Gabriella Rosales, Phil Caleb Regalado, and Eduardo Adenic III; while bronze winners are Trisha Derren Cayanan, James Annrhey Pecayco, Marielle Faye Lagamo, Justin Adrian Apura, Sheine Nicole De Asis, and Adrian Joseph Gajasan III. 

"The results of our jins were overwhelming, despite our struggles on its process due to the "back to GCQ" of the city. I am thankful most especially to the parents, for the understanding, and of course the all out support to their children. Without their cooperation to us, coaches, this wouldn't be possible," shared Pinggol.IMT



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